Alligator Eats Golfers Arm

This story is taken straight out of the movie Happy Gilmore where a washed up hockey player wannabe, played by Adam Sandler, becomes a professional golfer, while being trained by a coach, played by Ken Camroux, who loses his hand on the golf course to an alligator attack years earlier.

The real life gruesome event actually took place on October 8th, 2009 at the Ocean Creek Golf Club at the Fripp Island Resort near Beaufort, Sourth Carolina. On the 11th hole, James Wiencek hit his ball near, but not into, a big deep pond, surrounded by a steep bank covered by long grass. When the unfortunate golfer went for the ball, a large, 10-foot long alligator sprung from the murky water and attacked, clamping on to the man’s right arm. The alligator pulled the man into the water and rolled until it violently ripped the man’s right arm off above the elbow. At that point, the man was pulled to safety by his son and other golfers, while the alligator swam away having eaten the torn limb.

The lucky man sued the golf course for failing “to take reasonable action to secure the premises of the golf course and to warn its business invitees, including the plaintiff, of the alligator’s aggressive presence, size, or aggressive behavior,” according to the complaint, despite having actual and constructive knowledge of the alligator from reports of local residents.

For the record, here is how a professional golfer deals with an overgrown lizard.

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