Drunk Woman Hit By a Car Sues Google Over Bad Directions

A woman returning home at 6am in the morning, after apparently drinking all night, followed Google Maps directions on her BlackBerry that led her across a highway in Park City, Utah where she was struck by a car in May 2010.  Having survived the accident, the intrepid pedestrian had sued both Google and the driver of the vehicle that allegedly hit her seeking at least $100,000 in damages.

As reported by OnPointNews.com, “the woman who claims faulty walking directions on Google Maps caused her to be hit by a car is trying to salvage her case with the novel argument that Google is liable for negligent publication because it provided her with ‘individual advice.'”  To which the defense lawyer responded in a brief:

[I]t is not reasonably foreseeable that someone who obtains a suggested walking route from Google Maps will abandon common sense and walk in front of oncoming traffic while inebriated.

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