Soar High, My Legal Eagles…

Circaetus gallicus : a snake eagle swallows a prey while flying.  Photo by Juan lacruz.As long as you are men, that is.

The wage gap between men and women across many industries in America is a well-known fact, but it is how organizations choose to deal with this gap that separates men from boys (women have no say in this). To reaffirm this truism come along these juicy allegations courtesy of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

A former high-level lawyer for the agency, Donald Burke, is claiming in federal court that he was forced to resign in the face of retaliation for refusing to go along with discrimination against older, female attorneys employed by the agency.  Mr. Burke alleges that more experienced women were paid less than younger men.  After he refused a request from higher ups in the general counsel’s office to alter job evaluations to make the disparity appear justified, two of the lowest paid women were fired to make the disparity less stark, he says.

In a separate action against the Port Authority, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges age discrimination and Equal Pay Act violations on behalf of the fired lawyers, Shirley Spira and Dolores Ward.

Photo by Juan Iacruz.

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