The 10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List. Really?

Rebecca Vlasek, Photo from Department of Public Safety, TX

Rebecca Vlasek, Photo from Department of Public Safety, TX

Can you accuse anyone of glamorizing sexual crime?  Houston Press had an “imaginative” take on the Texas Sex Offenders List that is worth our special mention.

After combing through 15 of the biggest counties in Texas, editors of the paper came up with the ten hottest women in the Sex Offenders database.  Now, while this can not be the most obvious way to bring attention to despicable crimes against under-aged teens, we do agree that these women are not your stereotypical deviants and perverts that you imagine when you hear of sexual crimes against adolescents.

At the same time, we only wonder if Houston Press would be allowed to survive an hour if they would publish a similar list representing “hottest men” on Texas Sex Offenders List.  We imagine that public outcry would be off the scale.  This publication highlights a whole new way to objectify women and it suggests that these “glam” predators have done something worthy of desire.

What a distasteful and shameful stunt.

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