Top 10 Frivolous Prison Inmate Lawsuits From Florida, 1995

Back in 1995, Florida’s Attorney General Bob Butterworth has released a “Top 10 Frivolous Prison Inmate Lawsuits” levied against the State Department of Corrections. Enjoy!

  • 10. Prisoner claims discrimination because he was not given a Department of Corrections raincoat like other inmates. (Walker v. DOC)
  • 9. Prisoner sues to be served fresh rather than reconstituted milk. (Gerteisen v. Bowers)
  • 8. Prisoner sues for right to conduct martial arts sparring and full-contact fighting as part of his religion. (Gibson v. Miller)
  • 7. Prisoner sues over being served three cheese sandwiches a day for one week while in disciplinary confinement. (Derks v. Perrin, Jr.)
  • 6. Prisoner sues because he was required to eat off of a paper plate. (Procup v. Strickland, et al)
  • 5. Prisoner who has filed more than 140 actions in state and federal court sues over finding gristle in his turkey leg. (Attwood v. Bowers)
  • 4. Prisoner sues to be served fruit juice at meals and three pancakes instead of two. (Spradley v. Rathman)
  • 3. Prisoner who murdered five people sues after lightning knocks out the prison’s TV satellite dish and he must watch network programs which he says contain violence, profanity and other objectionable material. (Jackson v. Barton)
  • 2. Prisoner sues to be given Reeboks, Adidas, Pony or Avia brand hightops rather than inferior brand sneakers issued by prison. (Brown v. Singletary)
  • 1. Prisoner who lost a lawsuit claiming his rights as a Muslim were violated because the prison put “essence of swine” in his food announces his conversion to satanism and sues for tarot cards and doves’ blood. (Marshall v. DOC)

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