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Law School Musical Poster

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Sydney Uni Law Revues represent a tradition stretching back to the mists of antiquity (the 60s).

A tradition of big dance numbers, witty and biting satire and less witty and biting pun jokes. A tradition of small amounts of nudity that is never adequately justified. A tradition of bright young things bursting with creativity performing on stage…before selling out and becoming corporate lawyers.

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The 10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List. Really?

Rebecca Vlasek, Photo from Department of Public Safety, TX

Rebecca Vlasek, Photo from Department of Public Safety, TX

Can you accuse anyone of glamorizing sexual crime?  Houston Press had an “imaginative” take on the Texas Sex Offenders List that is worth our special mention.

After combing through 15 of the biggest counties in Texas, editors of the paper came up with the ten hottest women in the Sex Offenders database.  Now, while this can not be the most obvious way to bring attention to despicable crimes against under-aged teens, we do agree that these women are not your stereotypical deviants and perverts that you imagine when you hear of sexual crimes against adolescents.

At the same time, we only wonder if Houston Press would be allowed to survive an hour if they would publish a similar list representing “hottest men” on Texas Sex Offenders List.  We imagine that public outcry would be off the scale.  This publication highlights a whole new way to objectify women and it suggests that these “glam” predators have done something worthy of desire.

What a distasteful and shameful stunt.

A Judge Wearing Robe and Wig Rugby-Tackles Escaping Prisoner

According to a story that appeared on Reuters, “a judge sporting full robes and a wig rugby-tackled a sex offender to the floor to prevent him from fleeing the court where he was on trial, the Press Association reported on Tuesday.”

34-year-old prisoner tried to bolt for the fire escape from the court room, as the jury was leaving the room.  The judge, 60, leaped to stop the escapee as he was already through the door, grabbing him by the throat and pinning him underneath on the floor as they both fell.  The incident happened last year.

Drunk Woman Hit By a Car Sues Google Over Bad Directions

A woman returning home at 6am in the morning, after apparently drinking all night, followed Google Maps directions on her BlackBerry that led her across a highway in Park City, Utah where she was struck by a car in May 2010.  Having survived the accident, the intrepid pedestrian had sued both Google and the driver of the vehicle that allegedly hit her seeking at least $100,000 in damages.

As reported by, “the woman who claims faulty walking directions on Google Maps caused her to be hit by a car is trying to salvage her case with the novel argument that Google is liable for negligent publication because it provided her with ‘individual advice.'”  To which the defense lawyer responded in a brief:

[I]t is not reasonably foreseeable that someone who obtains a suggested walking route from Google Maps will abandon common sense and walk in front of oncoming traffic while inebriated.

Sex With Therapist Was “Part Of The Necessary Treatment”

A married couple sued their marriage counselor for “severe emotional distress, irreparable damages to their marital relationship, and other damages” in Midland, Texas court claiming that he “used his authority as the plaintiffs’ counselor and used privileged information obtained from the plaintiffs to create and begin an intimate, sexual relationship” with the wife.  The couple separately sought help with their marital problems from the licensed counselor for a period of a year and a half, ending in November 2009.  The wife met him more frequently than the husband and she claims that the therapist persuaded her to have sex with him, claiming that this was “part of the necessary treatment”.  Husband was unaware of the affair and both are now suing.  (Source)