Alligator Eats Golfers Arm

This story is taken straight out of the movie Happy Gilmore where a washed up hockey player wannabe, played by Adam Sandler, becomes a professional golfer, while being trained by a coach, played by Ken Camroux, who loses his hand on the golf course to an alligator attack years earlier.

The real life gruesome event actually took place on October 8th, 2009 at the Ocean Creek Golf Club at the Fripp Island Resort near Beaufort, Sourth Carolina. On the 11th hole, James Wiencek hit his ball near, but not into, a big deep pond, surrounded by a steep bank covered by long grass. When the unfortunate golfer went for the ball, a large, 10-foot long alligator sprung from the murky water and attacked, clamping on to the man’s right arm. The alligator pulled the man into the water and rolled until it violently ripped the man’s right arm off above the elbow. At that point, the man was pulled to safety by his son and other golfers, while the alligator swam away having eaten the torn limb.

The lucky man sued the golf course for failing “to take reasonable action to secure the premises of the golf course and to warn its business invitees, including the plaintiff, of the alligator’s aggressive presence, size, or aggressive behavior,” according to the complaint, despite having actual and constructive knowledge of the alligator from reports of local residents.

For the record, here is how a professional golfer deals with an overgrown lizard.

NJ Man “Cleans” A Loaded Gun While On Meds Then Sues His Doc

This event occurred on December 18, 2006 and, if not for miraculous survival of the participant, it would be worthy of a Darwin Award. However, that wasn’t enough for the lucky survivor.

According to a court filing, plaintiff took his prescribed dose of Ambien, began inspecting his .38 caliber Colt revolver, and fell asleep. Thereafter, plaintiff was awakened by what he thought was the sound of a telephone ringing. Forgetting that the handgun was still in his right hand, he reached for the telephone with his left hand. According to plaintiff, this action caused the barrel of the handgun to enter his mouth and discharge. According to the pleading, “[t]he gunshot fractured his skull and multiple facial bones, including the orbital floor, and ruptured the left globe, causing blindness in that eye.”

Logically, having survived such an improbable circumstance, the man filed a product liability suit against the maker of Ambien and a medical malpractice suite against the doctor. The medical malpractice lawsuit was dismissed on technical grounds by the lower court and that decision was affirmed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey in March of 2010.

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‘Bottom Feeding’ ‘Scum Sucking’ ‘Loser’ Lawyers Punished For Exchanging Insults

According to a story published on December 31, 2010 in St. Petersburg Times, two opposing Tampa Bay attorneys were punished for resorting to an ugly e-mail insults battle when the two sides couldn’t agree on court dates or much of anything.

After the e-mail “flame” war escalated, two complaints were filed by the Florida State Bar and the Florida Supreme Court handed down sanctions to both lawyers.  One of the attorneys, Mitchell, was suspended for 10 days and was ordered to attend an anger management class.  The other, Mooney, got a public reprimand and now must take a class on professionalism.

The insults started in 2008 when Mooney, 50, addressed his colleague, Mitchell, 36, as a “Junior”, when the two couldn’t agree on a hearing for their clients, Mitchell was representing a plaintiff suing Volkswagen of America, with Mooney representing the car maker.

“Please do not send me any more of these absurd emails. While I am happy to know that you are also the judge in this case, your continued unprofessional & juvenile behavior is not necessary,” he wrote.

Mitchell responded: “Old Hack: Your unprofessional and otherwise asinine behavior is not necessary. Learn to litigate professionally and these issues will be avoided.”

From there insults went to a whole other level, as we found reported on ABA Journal web site.

From Mooney to Mitchell, written after an accusation that he couldn’t handle the pressures of litigation: Mooney said he was handling more than 200 cases, “many of which were more important/significant than these little Mag[nuson] Moss [warranty] claims that are handled by bottom feeding/scum sucking/loser lawyers like yourself.”

From Mitchell: Mooney displays symptoms of a disability marked by “closely spaced eyes, dull blank stare, bulbous head, lying.”

From Mooney: Mitchell should look in the mirror to see signs of a disability. “Then check your children (if they are even yours. … Better check the garbage man that comes by your trailer to make sure they don’t look like him).”

From Mitchell, after learning Mooney’s son suffers from a birth defect: “While I am sorry to hear about your disabled child, that sort of thing is to be expected when a retard reproduces.”

Booze Makes Me Do Crazy Things, But It Doesn’t Deliver Women

It is one of the most famous outrageous lawsuit claims.  In 1991 Richard Overton tried to sue Anheuser-Busch for false advertising and tried to collect daily damages for emotional distress and mental injury from the company to the tune of around $10,000 because upon drinking Bud Light, beautiful women didn’t come to life in a tropical setting, and men couldn’t actually do somersaults after any amount of booze as shown in beer advertising.  If only he had seen the Budweiser frogs commercial, but then the suit would allege distress from that also.

Top 10 Frivolous Prison Inmate Lawsuits From Florida, 1995

Back in 1995, Florida’s Attorney General Bob Butterworth has released a “Top 10 Frivolous Prison Inmate Lawsuits” levied against the State Department of Corrections. Enjoy!

  • 10. Prisoner claims discrimination because he was not given a Department of Corrections raincoat like other inmates. (Walker v. DOC)
  • 9. Prisoner sues to be served fresh rather than reconstituted milk. (Gerteisen v. Bowers)
  • 8. Prisoner sues for right to conduct martial arts sparring and full-contact fighting as part of his religion. (Gibson v. Miller)
  • 7. Prisoner sues over being served three cheese sandwiches a day for one week while in disciplinary confinement. (Derks v. Perrin, Jr.)
  • 6. Prisoner sues because he was required to eat off of a paper plate. (Procup v. Strickland, et al)
  • 5. Prisoner who has filed more than 140 actions in state and federal court sues over finding gristle in his turkey leg. (Attwood v. Bowers)
  • 4. Prisoner sues to be served fruit juice at meals and three pancakes instead of two. (Spradley v. Rathman)
  • 3. Prisoner who murdered five people sues after lightning knocks out the prison’s TV satellite dish and he must watch network programs which he says contain violence, profanity and other objectionable material. (Jackson v. Barton)
  • 2. Prisoner sues to be given Reeboks, Adidas, Pony or Avia brand hightops rather than inferior brand sneakers issued by prison. (Brown v. Singletary)
  • 1. Prisoner who lost a lawsuit claiming his rights as a Muslim were violated because the prison put “essence of swine” in his food announces his conversion to satanism and sues for tarot cards and doves’ blood. (Marshall v. DOC)